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My name is Brian Washburn, a Vermonter and an ex-automotive technician who served that industry for over 23 years.  I grew up in the family automotive business and it was a great career for me. But...I  was looking for a change of pace in life.  After closing our automotive business in 2014, I took some time off to refresh myself and determine my next path in life.  Being an outdoor kind of person, I wanted something different than the automotive world could offer.  I also like running equipment, but I didn't want to be "just the guy" doing excavation and digging holes.

After extensive research and talking to people in this industry, I decided on a land maintenance business, Vermont Land Maintenance. Please see our services for a what Vermont Land Maintenance can do for you.

If it's time to tame that overgrown mess on the driveway you've been meaning to trim back or clean up that pond overgrown with unsightly shrubs that you just can't quite get close enough to trim, please contact us. I clean up the mess and you don't get wet!

VT Land Maintenance
VT Land Maintenance

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