VT Land Maintenance Projects

De-Brushing Projects - Click image to view all  


Vermont Land Maintenance helped these folks out with a ROW (right of way) across there property.  The area electrical company came through and cut trees and brush and left them in piles. The owners of the land could not walk through their property without climbing over log piles and walking through thick brush.  The electric company would not help them out, so they turned to us.  

Vermont Land Maintenance was hired by three families in a townhouse association,  to assist in pushing back several invasive species.  Including Buckthorn, Multiflora Rose, and Honeysuckle.  This was the thickest we have seen yet. I believe the local bunny rabbits had a hard time getting through. 

Vermont Land Maintenance was hired to clear an area of just over .30 acres that had overgrown and got out of control over the last 10 years. We found an old stone wall, and a large piece of ledge that is now exposed again. This was phase 1, we will be back soon for phase 2 and transform this area to nice grass field.

Vermont Land Maintenance completed a project for the local airport for the fall of 2015.  All the strobe towers were overgrown and thick with brush.  Last time this area had attention was well over 12 years ago.  At that time the area was cut by hand with the maintenance crew from the airport, over the length of a summer.  This time it was completed with one machine, an operator, and about a weeks worth of work. 
Colchester Project

Cleared 1 3/4 acres of small poplar, birch and pine saplings ranging from
1/4" - 3" to over 12' tall.

Hinesburg Project

Trim trees and shrub overgrowth by driveway, working around a barbed wire fence. Cleared trail section to hunting grounds and trimmed apple trees competing with other vegetation. 

Richmond Hill Side Project

About a 1/3 an acre of hillside that leveled off, but had been subject to the wind storm of December 2010.  Sumac trees and other saplings had grown up, you could hardly walk though it.  We were able to efficiently move about with the excavator, and mulch everything in place. 
Charlotte Buckthorn Infestation

The owner of this property hired us to remove a well established area of buckthorn, so that he could more easily take down the larger dead elm trees.  You could hardly walk in here, say nothing about trying to cut a large tree down.

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