Vermont Land Maintenance Services

Specialized Brush Mowing:

With the capability to get into tight places, a reach of 18 feet up and down, and the ability to mow in a 360 degree path, mow grass and up to 6" woody material, which gets mulched on the spot. Our excavator is big enough to get the job done, yet small enough not to destroy your yard. The advantage over a wheeled tractor is that an excavator has much lower ground pressure.

Specialized brush mowing is done with our excavator (in the 10000 lbs class) with a 40" flail mower OR Brontosaurs forestry mulching head.  From grass, brambles, saplings and small trees.

Pond Edges
Drainage Swales
Retention Ponds

Fence Lines ROW
Transmission Lines Invasive Vegetation Removal Ski Trails
Driveways Golf Course Maintenance Logging Roads
River Banks
Access Roads


Forestry Mulching:  

Conventional Brush Hogging:

This type of mowing is done with our 45 HP Tractor with 60" rotary style brush hog.

Steep slope and wet area Brush Hogging: 

This type of mowing is done with our Ventrac tractor. The tractor is like no other.  With 8 ATV type tires, articulating steering, and an oscillating frame (or flex frame) this machine has capabilities of a 30 degree slope.  The mower is mounted out in front of the machine, instead of behind, making it more user friendly and comfortable for the operator.  The 8 tires makes this tractor very sure footed in notoriously wet areas, that you would never be able to take a conventional tractor and brush hog.


Stump Removal Small Digging Projects   
Stump Grinding Underground Utility Install



Hunting and  Land Services:

Forest Fire Breaks Wood Lot Improvements/maintenance Property line clearing
Shooting Lanes Food Plots Field Restoration


Our Equipment:
2007 Kubota L4240:
          60" Rotary Brush Hog
          Loader w/ 72" bucket
          York Rake
          Power Rake: lawn and  driveway repair.

2014 Bobcat E42 
         30" Brown Brontosaurus forestry mower 
         40" Bobcat brush mower
         9" and 24" digging buckets
         52" ditching bucket with wrist
         Thumb for picking up objects
2015 Terex PT110 Forestry
         Loftness Forestry Mulcher
         78" bucket
         Power Rake for Lawn and Driveway repair.
2018 Ventrac 4500Y,  AWD, articulating tractor.
         front mounted 68" Brush Hog.




VT Land Maintenance
VT Land Maintenance

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